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In Condolence

2022.07.08(金) 05:03

A very unfortunate, incredible incident occurred.  An important person was shot dead here in Japan.  Many people, including me, are greatly stunned by the assassination by gun in this country where the gun ownership rate is remarkably low.

Many have pointed out the inadequacies of the security system, but it is the sniper who is to blame more than anyone else.  Some may call the police or the hospital to complain, but that is nonsense.  It would be a great mistake to blame those who made every effort to help the former prime minister.

The important thing is to prevent such incidents from happening again.  We must think about what is needed to prevent the next victim and maintain our democracy.  Our sincere condolences to the late Mr. Abe.  It is believed that he still had many things he wanted to do.

Still, what will happen to Japan in the future?  There are so many such heinous crimes these days, and in addition, the population is sure to keep declining.  Taxes and social security costs are going up, while salaries have not increased at all for the past 30 years.  What kind of policies or changes are needed for us to live happily?  Voter turnout is always low and a number of Japanese are indifferent to politics, but this incident may be an opportunity to think about the future of Japan.

Tatsuya KIMURA